DNA Testing

We affordable offer Legal and Non-Legal DNA Testing 
Non-Legal DNA Testing 
Type of Test  ( Additional Specimen Collection/ processing Fee $35 per Collection)
Paternity-Duo (24 markers standard)  $125/case
Paternity-Duo (46 markers upgrade)  $225/case
Paternity-Trio (Mother, AF, Child) – All Samples must be received together, at same time, otherwise $55 charge for additional sample. $125/case
Paternity-Additional Person  $55/ specimen
Sibling, Avuncular, Grandparent (46 markers) –$125/case
Y-Chromosome  $65/ specimen
Single Profile compared to report (46 markers) –$125/case
Standard Samples: (Include) (mouth swab, blood card or blood tube –$0 additional
Non-Standard Samples: (Example) (toothbrush, cig butt, hair, nails, ear wax, etc.) -$35 additional
Bone and Teeth (46 marker test)  -$400 additional
Infidelity – Non-Standard Items of evidence -$100/ sample
Infidelity – Reference sample (mouth swab) -$100/ sample
Forensic Case – call with specifics for pricing 

Legal DNA Testing ( Additional Specimen Collection Fee $35 per Collection)
Please use request service or call (301)657-3033

DNA paternity or maternity testing results are used to establish the parenthood of person for legal court cases e.g. child support, child custody, social security benefits.  This kind of testing can also be used in making a case for listing a name on a child birth certificate. With the Legal DNA testing it is important to ensure and maintain the legal Chain of Custody so that the specimen and results are admissible in court proceedings.

Paternity-Duo  -$150/case
Paternity-Trio (Alleged Father, Mother, Child) -$175/case
Paternity-Additional Person   – -$80/ sample

Sibling, Avuncular, Grandparent (24 markers) -$150/case
Y-Chromosome -$110/case
Single Profile compared to report (24 markers) -$150/case
Standard Samples: 
(mouth swab, blood card or blood tube) $0 additional
 Bone and Teeth (46 marker test)  -$400 additional