Notary Remote service – e-Notary – Maryland

Terms of service

Remote Notary Service in Maryland.
We offer the service in Maryland only via the docVerify platform , and your identity and that of others that will be participants in the notary (if any) will need to be verified.The Notary Service is $4 per notary.The Identity Confirmation  service fee and miscellaneous fees to facilitate this service is $20.00 per participant.Documents featuring more that one notary item are subject to a $15 fee.
Please kindly note that pre-payment is required before we initiate the process as the ID verification service cannot be initiated before payment is received. If you choose to we may invoice you separately for the Notary Service, but that payment must be completed before the notarial act is executed.
To be able to pass the Identity Verification you must be a US citizen with a valid driver’s license or State ID.Please use the following link to  check if you possibly qualify and to verify that your device (Computer , iPad etc) qualifies for the service.

Prequalify ID

TestDevice Qualify Test
Kindly note that the ID Verification and miscellaneous fees cannot be refunded once the ID Verification service has been initiated, and also that the notary service fee cannot be refunded once the notarial act is executed.