Drug Testing

Buckley's Renewal Center Pre Employment and License Renewal Services

Buckley’s Renewal center offers evidentiary Drug and Alcohol testing of most current biological specimens including, Hair, Urine, Oral Fluid/Saliva, Nails.


We offer Regulated (DOT and such) and/or Non-Regulated testing by Labcorp®, Quest Diagnostics®, Redwood Toxicology®, Medtox®, Psychemedics®, Allere, Inc® and many other quality Laboratories that offer cutting edge detection services for controlled or prohibited substances and those of environmental concern, e.g. Lead, Arsenic etc.


Our role is to primarily augment and support your HR staff in the Pre-Employment and Compliance areas by availing our expertise and experience in the Occupational Medical and Testing fields while keeping cost at a minimum.


Below is a brief list of Testing Services that we offer:


Labcorp® Urine Drug Screen
Quest Diagnostics®-URINE Drug Screen


Hair Drug Testing – Hair Follicle


Oral Fluid Drug Testing -Saliva


Occupational Exposure -Testing



EtG/EtS Alcohol Testing ( 80 Hour Alcohol Test )


Date Rape Drugs